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by cjbarron 

RISK: Game of Thrones Edition sees you take control of one of the noble houses of Westeros, with the aim of defeating your enemies and controlling the entire map.

To stake your claim on the Iron Throne you must build up and reinforce your armies to bolster your defenses, invade those who oppose you and maneuver yourself in the crucible of battle and the poisonous nest of vipers that is politics.

But now disturbing tales of old rise once more and the dead amass north of the wall, the White Walkers have returned and with them comes winter and the Long Night.

This expansion introduces the White Walkers as a new playable faction, that changes some of the rules of the game and adds a new area to the map; "Beyond the Wall". 

Made by cjbarron (https://cjbarron.itch.io/) in collaboration with:




Install instructions

The new map area "Beyond the Wall" should be printed out (on A4 paper) and cut out.


RISK-GameOfThronesExpansion.zip 393 kB

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